What is this for?

Developer Acceleration, or Productivity, has no home or place to find information. This website will be the central hub on which to share and collaborate on guidelines, blogs, and other developer productivity information with the developer productivity community.

Who will build this, who will be responsible for it?

  • Shopify will be paying for the creation of the website and the costs for the first year at minimum
  • The site will be administered by a collection of volunteers from various organizations. (Interested in helping out? Ping @julian on Slack!)
  • This is a website for the community, it will not be branded as Shopify (save for maybe a sponsored by icon in the footer). We want the community to own it, but that doesn't mean we won't invest our time in it either

High Level Goals of the Website

  • Be a place where people can learn about developer productivity
  • Case Studies and best practices of different developer productivity teams that can help small to large companies build out their tools
  • Showcase the diversity of developer productivity in both the people and teams
    • Case studies will be about different teams - whether it’s one person dedicated, a small team, a department - there’s a natural progression in team size that seems to occur and we want to showcase this progression
    • Case studies will be about a variety of people of different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, etc
    • Different companies have different tech stacks. What's the same? What's different?
  • Be a place where we can post blog articles for all our different site sections (CI/Testing, Mobile, Developer environments, etc), tagged appropriately, appearing on both the home page and their respective site sections
  • Allow the entire developer productivity community to collaborate together. Administrators from various companies will be chosen to moderate and maintain the website. Everyone else will be able to sign up to contribute to the website (sort of like a pull request for content)
  • Host an event schedule for online meetups (and share recordings and materials afterwards) as well as other relevant events, such as a conference.

What are “Case Studies”?

Companies are at different sizes. Some are a few people, some are hundreds, some are thousands - what does developer productivity mean at these sizes?

Through community effort, we can document some of the best practices we learned in a sort of “case study”. These are self-documented guides and resources that teams at various companies used. These can be interviews of team members. These can be styleguides and resources. It's really up to the team.

Think of it like a “life story” for developer productivity at a company

Site Layout

There will be a few sections, some of which will need to support categorization (like style guide, blog, etc).

Here is a map:

  • Homebase
    • Case Studies
    • Recent Blog posts
    • Upcoming events
    • Recent Past Events
  • Join us on Slack (chat.devproductivity.io, uses https://github.com/rauchg/slackin and can include widgets on any page)
  • Case Studies/Best Practices
    • Categorized by companies
    • Further categorized by topics, like seen above
    • Possibly more categories like this doc
  • Blog posts
    • Tagged by categories
  • Event Calendar and materials
    • Likely not a month calendar, not enough events
    • Upcoming events (?)
    • Past events (and links to materials, recordings)
  • Useful materials, links, etc